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Insurance Defense: Spotlight Practice Area

By November 16, 2017March 10th, 2020Insurance Defense, Spotlight Practice Area
Spotlight Brandy L. Kuretich

Interview with Brandy L. Kuretich—

Brandy L. Kuretich graduated from The University of Detroit Mercy with a major in Legal Administration. Ms. Kuretich graduated magna cum laude from The University of Detroit Mercy Law School in 2003. Brandy has been a member of the State Bar of Michigan since 2004 also becoming a member of the Federal Bar Association that same year.

Since being admitted to practice law, she has focused on defending insurance companies and their insureds in civil litigation involving first and third party claims brought pursuant to the Michigan No-Fault Act.

Brandy previously worked as an associate at an insurance defense law firm. She also practices in the area of defending premises liability claims; including landlord/tenant issues.

She joined Hewson & Van Hellemont, P.C. in May 2011.

How did you become interested in Insurance Defense? What Path brought you here?

I was recruited out of law school by an Insurance Defense firm following on-campus interviews. I liked legal writing and appellate work and started out in the appellate department. Eventually I started working in the Litigation area and enjoyed the interaction with the clients.

What is Insurance Defense?

Insurance Defense is defending an insurance company against disputed claims. The basis for the dispute could be a variety of reasons, including: the claimant is not qualified for coverage for statutory or contractual reasons; the claimant is qualified for coverage, but the claims submitted are not eligible for payment; the claims submitted were eligible and were paid, but there is a dispute over the amount of the payment; the claims submitted are in some way fraudulent; etc.

What are you known for professionally? What do you have a knack for?

My knack is for research and writing, including opinion letters.

What do your clients say about you?

The Claim Representatives I work with like the communication aspect: returning phone calls, reporting and otherwise keeping the client informed about what is going on with their case.
What are you most passionate about professionally? What most excites you about your work and the contribution you can make?

It’s exciting what our Firm has been able to do in the fight to combat the illegitimate claims that are threatening the No Fault system and resulting in the increased insurance rates paid by Michigan residents. We are on the right side of this fight.


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