Appellate Advocacy

Appellate advocacy requires certain demanding skills: thoughtful and thorough research focused on issues important to appellate judges; presenting issues with keen analysis and attention to the desired outcome; and robust written and oral advocacy suited for the particular intricacies encountered in the appellate forum.

Hewson & Van Hellemont, P.C.’s appellate lawyers provide a full range of legal services, but generally address challenging and novel legal questions. They represent clients appealing adverse rulings from trial courts, intermediate appellate courts, and administrative agencies. Our appellate lawyers are fully integrated with our trial lawyers and assist with litigating complex legal issues and dispositive motions during all phases of litigation. This collaborative method allows us to identify and preserve issues for appeal and determine the best approach to present these issues persuasively on appeal before a matter advances to the appellate phase.

Our team frequently promotes our clients’ interests as amicus curiae when they have a substantial interest in an issue but are not parties to an action. The appellate lawyers also analyze legal issues important to our clients before they arise in litigation.

Appellate Advocacy Attorneys