Property & Casualty


Through its many years of experience, Hewson and Van Hellemont’s property attorneys have developed a technical expertise in handling a wide array of property cases involving both residential and commercial properties and automobile claims. Hewson and Van Hellemont has a broad expertise in investigating and defending fraudulent property claims and the firm has been involved in numerous cases involving fire and arson, theft, vandalism, and storm damage. Hewson and Van Hellemont has experience helping clients investigate and resolve claims involving business interruption and income loss, and other disputes involving specialty and industry niche lines of property insurance.

The firm regularly advises clients with respect to property coverage issues, including interpretation of all types of first-party policies for complex claims. We are fully experienced in all areas of coverage, and are familiar with the issues arising out of the insurance contract language itself and legal trends regarding coverage and applicable exclusions which may apply.


Hewson and Van Hellemont has considerable experience litigating third-party casualty and general liability cases. Our casualty litigation section understands the complexities of a broad range of casualty liability issues, and our lawyers are equipped to handle these matters in a thorough and efficient manner.

The firm has defended insurance carriers traditionally falling within third-party general liability, auto liability, and homeowners’ and other personal lines coverages, in cases broadly ranging from simple auto (both personal and commercial) and premises liability “slip and fall” and dog bite cases to extremely complex, multi-party litigation involving commercial auto accidents, uninsured and/or underinsured motorist claims, and wrongful death.

Hewson and Van Hellemont attorneys work closely with our clients in the handling of matters to provide an early and objective evaluation, as well as a comprehensive litigation plan to minimize exposure for damages. The firm believes that a successful defense requires not only zealous advocacy, but also prompt reporting, as well as adherence to our client’s cost control procedures.

Premises Liability

Our exceptional and seasoned legal team is prepared to defend premises liability causes of action. Our defense expertise extends to all of those involved in premises liability actions, including homeowners, landowners, landlords, builders and contractors. Our defense experience extends to all aspects of premises liability where death or injury have occurred, and encompasses a vast array of claims, consisting of claims arising out of defects on the property, dog bites, slips, trips and falls, fire, and more. Our practice further includes the defense of negligence, nuisance and breach of contract claims that may arise under a Homeowner’s policy of insurance and the defense of subrogation suits brought by carriers which may arise from those covered claims.

Property & Casualty Attorneys