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Law Firm with 25+ Years Experience

Hewson & Van Hellemont, P.C., a Michigan Law Firm, founded in 1991, when attorneys James F. Hewson and Jerald Van Hellemont combined their practices, files and employees to create the enterprise. Hewson & Van Hellemont has a commitment to provide the highest quality legal service to an insurance client base drowning in a sea of fraudulent claims and endless litigation. Over the years the firm’s success in representing the interests of the insurance community resulted in a widening of the practice to include a growing list of institutional clients with litigation and transactional issues requiring hands on approach honed through years of intensely competitive insurance litigation.

The basis of Hewson & Van Hellemont’s experience, a direct honest approach to dealing with the pros and cons of litigation, is now being brought to bear with business and entrepreneurial based clients to solve problems impeding attainment of business goals. Businesses are made of people who have problems, needs and concerns. HVH has expanded to provide personal litigation, probate and criminal law assistance and counsel completing the HVH mission to provide full service to clients.

Three locations in Michigan to support client needs. Let our highly skilled attorneys mitigate your cases efficiently and provide the time and support you need and deserve.


Commitment to the MISSION

Hewson & Van Hellemont’s mission is to provide creative high quality legal solutions with integrity, professionalism and respect to insurance, corporate and personal clients. We are dedicated to these principles:

EXCELLENCE: We strive for perfection. We only will accept excellence in every service on behalf of clients.

INTEGRITY: We work with clients openly and honestly. We always will discuss what should be done, work to do what we say and never do anything our client is not fully informed of throughout representation.

SERVICE: We endeavor to meet or exceed the client’s expectations in all aspects of legal representation. We work tirelessly for clients, and work with them throughout representation to ensure those interests are best protected.

TECHNOLOGY: We embrace a changing world and use technology to improve the quality of client service and to facilitate fiscal responsibility.

DIVERSITY: We respect diversity and differences, which creates a stronger base upon which clients can expect excellence.

COMMUNITY: We believe that individuals with a sense of family and community and interests outside the practice of law are better individuals and employees who will provide more insightful client service.

Ultimately, HVH takes a genuine interest in our clients to meet and understand their objectives and exceed their expectations. We dedicate ourselves to these values.