Corporate Law

Corporate law covers many areas of law from employment law to contract law to international law, and everything in between. An attorney must be capable of understanding and answering almost any client’s business related question, initially in general terms followed by a detailed answer as soon as possible. Some areas include:

  • Personnel and contract status such as how to fire a sales representative while canceling all the contracts they brought to the company. You might assume these are two different questions, but they are actually related. States have different applicable statutes that need to be addressed, i.e. Michigan protects sales representatives’ pursuant to statute and if the employment agreement includes future income, even if they no longer work for the company, contracts can’t be canceled simply to decrease their income.
  • Review and discuss the implications of business decisions such as moving operations to China when facing pressure to relocate or open facilities in China. How to control  effective technology transfer and corporate structures.
  • How to raise capital to start, fund expansion or spur growth of a business. This can range from bringing in a single investment partner or issuing and selling stock. A client’s corporate structure informs the structure of any offering, but if the current structure does not lend itself to an effective method of raising capital, there are many ways to modify the structure or create a parent company that can provide the appropriate corporate structure.

The rule always is to understand your clients and anticipate their needs.

Corporate Law Attorneys