Fort Myers, Florida

The firm’s Fort Myers, Florida location opened June 1, 2016 as Hewson & Van Hellemont expanded with its first out of Michigan location. The expansion allows Hewson & Van Hellemont to not only support current clients with interests in both Michigan and Florida but also to add new clients.

The Florida office will support clients in various legal matters including construction law for commercial, residential and educational institutions, which includes handling complex civil and commercial disputes and drafting and negotiation of various real estate property management and commercial contracts. Clients also have access to lawyers for estate planning who can deal with difficult and complex estate planning issues. The Hewson & Van Hellemont attorneys are well versed in both Michigan and Florida law.

Fort Myers Law Office

12800 University Dr, Suite 420
Fort Myers, FL 33907
Phone 239-204-4013
Fax 239-935-5039

Fort Myers Attorneys